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Two Australians + Two South Africans


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Susan and Chris chartered Sea Fishing Sligo to take their two friends from Australia for a nice relaxing days fishing and bonding.

A days escape from Loughan House


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Brian said he lost the biggest fish of the day, he said he was 32lbs 8oz as the fish broke the top of the water and got off, he said he seen the scales on it’s back.  Lots of fish caught on the day.

Morskoi Djavol and Friends


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Morskoi Djavol and friends had some good fishing, Mackerel, Pollack, Coalie, Ling, Cod, Ballan Wrasse and Cuckoo Wrasse were some of the species caught on the day.

Mackerel Fishing + Coney Island


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Good 4 U management and staff having a fun evening Team building.

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