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Derek Seaman and Crew


DSCF5981 DSCF5982 DSCF5984 DSCF5988 DSCF5989 DSCF5992 DSCF5994 DSCF5995 DSCF5996 DSCF6001 DSCF6003 DSCF6004

Derek Seaman and Crew traveled all the way from Dublin, lots of ling, cod, Coalie and Pollock were caught!

Brian and Crew!


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Brian and Crew had solid fishing!

Visitors From U.S.A.


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Vicki, Teresa, Patrick and Dan had fun, a lot of fish and lots of laughs!

Damien Reilly and Crew


DSCF5888 DSCF5889 DSCF5890 DSCF5891 DSCF5892 DSCF5893 DSCF5894 DSCF5896 DSCF5898 DSCF5899 DSCF5901 DSCF5902 DSCF5903 DSCF5904 DSCF5908 DSCF5909 DSCF5911 DSCF5912 DSCF5914 DSCF5915 DSCF5916


Good day’s fishing with Damien Reilly and Crew.  Look forward to seeing ye again lads!

Chess And Crew Once Again


DSCF5878 DSCF5880 DSCF5883 DSCF5884 DSCF5885 DSCF5886

Great day’s craic with Chess and Crew.

Victor Strikes Again!


DSCF5646 DSCF5642 DSCF5640 DSCF5636 DSCF5633

Some good fishing at the weekend with Victor and Crew!