Monthly Archives: October 2017

Victor’s Crew


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Victor’s crew had some high quality fish for the day! Couple of decent ling, few cod, wrasse, pouting, poor cod, and plenty of good sized pollack!

Atlantic Battle With Chess!


DSCF6476 DSCF6475 DSCF6473 DSCF6471 DSCF6470


Mackerel scarce otherwise good fishing!

Wolfgang out for a days tuna fishing!


DSCF6469 DSCF6468

Lots of dolphins, a few tuna, no hook ups and Wolfgang had a few pollack before heading home!

Dolphins with Sea Fishing Sligo



Come see the Dolphins with Sea Fishing Sligo!

All the way from Cavan!


DSCF6448 DSCF6449


3 hour trip with the lads, had some mixed fishing!