Victor And Crew With Some Super Fish!


DSCF6388 DSCF6387 DSCF6386 DSCF6385 DSCF6384 DSCF6383 DSCF6382 DSCF6381 DSCF6380 DSCF6379 DSCF6377 DSCF6376 DSCF6375 DSCF6374 DSCF6372 DSCF6370 DSCF6369 DSCF6368

Hectic fishing to start the day, slowed for a while and finished off with some super fish!

Super Fishing With Kieran, Diego And Crew!


DSCF6354 DSCF6355 DSCF6356 DSCF6357 DSCF6358 DSCF6359 DSCF6361 DSCF6362 DSCF6363 DSCF6364 DSCF6365 DSCF6367

Whooper’s of pollack, coalies, wrasse, cod and ling!  Consistent fishing for the whole day with loads of mackerel in the morning.

Michael and Friends from Athlone!


DSCF6349 DSCF6348 DSCF6347 DSCF6346 DSCF6345 DSCF6344 DSCF6343 DSCF6342 DSCF6340 DSCF6339 DSCF6338 S0016336 DSCF6335 DSCF6334 DSCF6333 DSCF6332 DSCF6331

Specimen Scad, Coalie, Cod, Pollack, Cuckoo and Ballan Wrasse, Pouting and lots of Mackerel and at the end of the day Michael taking a Pollack on every single cast!

Irma Catches The Big One!


DSCF6263 DSCF6262 DSCF6261 DSCF6260

This small pollack took a hook almost as big as it’s self!

Brendan and Crew


DSCF6259 DSCF6258 DSCF6257 DSCF6256 DSCF6255


Brendan with a nice Megrim!

Early Bird Catches The Worm!


DSCF6249 DSCF6251 DSCF6252 DSCF6253 DSCF6254

Good day was had by all with some nice fish!

Thomas’s Friends From India!


DSCF6242 DSCF6241


Lots of Mackerel and Scad on a short trip. Good day was had!

Victor and Crew all the way from Dublin and Romania!


DSCF6240 DSCF6239 DSCF6238 DSCF6237 DSCF6236

Had some nice fish on a very high swell.

Andrew’s Team had some good fishing!


DSCF6234 DSCF6232 DSCF6231 DSCF6230 DSCF6229 DSCF6228 DSCF6225 DSCF6224 DSCF6222 DSCF6220 DSCF6218 DSCF6217

Nice mixed bag of fish for the boys who travelled all the way from Monaghan!

Super Pollocking!


DSCF6216 DSCF6215 DSCF6214 DSCF6213 DSCF6211 DSCF6210 DSCF6208

Wolfgang and Kevin seemed to be in competition with one and other with some class Pollock! Martin, Martin Jr., Connie and Colin not far behind!

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