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Early Bird Catches The Worm!


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Good day was had by all with some nice fish!

Thomas’s Friends From India!


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Lots of Mackerel and Scad on a short trip. Good day was had!

Victor and Crew all the way from Dublin and Romania!


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Had some nice fish on a very high swell.

Andrew’s Team had some good fishing!


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Nice mixed bag of fish for the boys who travelled all the way from Monaghan!

Victor’s Crew had a slow start but ended with some class fishing!


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Victor’s Crew had a slow start but ended with some class fishing!

Dolphins Galore


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The bay is full of Dolphins this past six weeks!

Brendan Connolly and Crew


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Slow enough day but ended up with some good fish!

Great day out Tuna fishing!


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Great day out Tuna fishing, one fish to the boat and released, had four more double strikes but no hook ups.