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The island of Inishmurray is simply spectacular offering stunning views and holding the best kept monastic settlement in Western Europe.


Trips to Inishmurray can be tailored to individual or group needs. Depending on the group, some sea fishing and sightseeing can be organised according to the group needs. Prices negotiable according to how many people are in the group, or individuals wanting to join another group.

Guided tours can be organised with Auriel a marine archaeologist, you can find her web site at for more info.

Trips to Aughris Pier & Bar


Dolphin Sight Seeing

Sightseeing and dolphin watching can be negotiated for length of time and depending on the size of the group. We pass the metal man and the black rock light house where seals are also to be found. Dolphins can be seen the whole year round in Sligo bay and in August/September and October it can be quite spectacular, when pods of Dolphins all to join up together and you can see as many as 500 to 1000 Dolphins descending on Sligo bay and putting on a spectacular show, which the team here at Sea Fishing Sligo are very privileged to have seen many times in the past 30 years. From Sligo Bay the legendary sleeping giant can also be seen which is a mountain range that stretches as far as Co. Donegal. The mountain takes on the appearance of a giant guarding Sligo and Donegal and is a spectacular sight to see.

 Seal Rock

Sea Fishing Sligo can organise trips to the seal rocks where there is a colony of resident seals. You can also see lots of the birds mentioned below in the bird watching segment.


Bird Sightseeing


First of all we must name the Eider Duck which is to be found breeding on Inishmurray Island, this is the furthest south the Eider Duck is to be found in Europe. Some of the birds to be found in Sligo bay are Puffin, Razor Bill, Terns, Gulls, Sea Swallow, guillemots, cormorants Brent geese, Barnacle geese, herons, gannets, and skuas. This is only to name a few, Sligo plays host to lots of other visiting birds including a new comer and The Little Egret. Bird watchers will not be disappointed with this vast range of stunning birds on display on Sligo’s finest islands.



There is so much beautiful landscape, roaming wildlife and poetic scenery in Sligo that there is sure to be some opportune photography moments. All kinds of photos can be taken out the bay, and Inishmurray is a photographer’s paradise. Why not hop on board the Stingray and capture some of Sligo’s breath-taking views.

Rosses Point, Coney Island and Mullaghmore.

Any of the above trips can be tailored to the groups needs and fishing can be included on the trip. Groups can visit the local bars on these trips or go sightseeing. The group or party can return by boat or a mini bus or taxis can be arranged for return to base.