Bodo fly fishing for Pollack


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Bodo had some nice fish fly fishing for pollack, took a couple of nice ling also, his whole crew had some good fishing.  Bodo is a top pike angling guide and recommend you visit his facebook page here

Conor/Crew and Chinese visitors!


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Fish were hard to find on the evening but when we found them, we got some quality fish.

Fishing the deep blue


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Morskoi Djavol and crew traveled all the way from Dublin for a very early start, caught a great variety of fish and some fish try to eat baits as big as themselves as you can see in the photo! Some of the fish caught were Mackerel, Pollack, Coalie, Ling, Cod, Pouting, Cuckoo Wrasse (Male & Female), Ballan Wrasse, etc.

Dublin, Limerick and Italy!


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We had a mixed group today from Dublin, Limerick and Italy, we put in a challenging day but ended up with some excellent fishing before the day was out!

Retreat from the ladies


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It was ladies day in Rosses Point golf club and some of the members took to a day’s fishing, barbecue and beverages to escape the ladies and seem to miss it all so much, that some were so anxious to keep the ladies on side they took to washing the dishes!


Ling with Krzysiek


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Great day out with Krzysiek and crew who enjoyed the days fishing with some super fish being caught on the day!

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