Our Fishing Trips

Sea Fishing Trips

The fishing in Sligo bay is excellent , believe it or not there is up to one hundred and ninety different species in the bay. The most common species to be caught are Mackerel, Pollock, Cod, Ling, five or six different types of wrasse, Pouting, Whiting, Rays, Skate, Tope and Shark this is but to name a few.

General Fishing

Skate Fishing

Another type of fishing that Sligo can offer. Large Common Skate are found out the bay along with Long Nosed Skate. Most of the rays can be caught out the bay as well.


Shark Fishing

Blue Shark fishing is normally from August to October. Contact Sea Fishing Sligo for more information. All sharks are catch and release.


Tope Fishing Trips

Tope fishing in Sligo bay is excellent, with fish normally being caught ranging from 25 to 70lbs (11kg to 34kg). It is best fished two hours before low water and with a coming tide. Also it is best fished from May to July. Contact us for more information.

Light Tackle fishing Trips for Pollack

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