Trips to Inishmurray Island


The island of Inishmurray is simply spectacular offering stunning views and holding the best kept monastic settlement in Western Europe.


History of Inishmurray

The island of Inishmurray is located approximately seven kilometers off the mainland of County Sligo.

Inishmurray was reportedly inhabited from the sixth century until 1948, when most people left the island to pursue the bigger town and city life in Sligo and further afield with emigration to the United States and England being common. However, what Inishmurray lacked in resources it more than made up for in community spirit. Islanders of Inishmurray reported that it was a close knit community where neighbours looked out for one another and true Irish hospitality was extended to all who both lived on and visited the island.


Trips to Inishmurray can be tailored to individual or group needs. Depending on the group, some sea fishing and sightseeing can be organised according to the group needs. Prices negotiable according to how many people are in the group, or individuals wanting to join another group.


The Ruins


Many of the ruins located on Inishmurray lie within what is known as ‘the cashel’. The ‘cashel’ wall was more than likely built in the ninth century to protect and guard the island from Vikings.


Life on the Island


Life on the Island.

Up until the early twelfth century, Inishmurray was colonised by Monks. Subsequently to this, it became inhabited by local people. The main economic venture on the island at this time resided in poteen or ‘whiskey’ brewing as the islanders called it. The poteen was brewed on Inishmurray and sold on the mainland. Inishmurray became known for its poteen across the North West of Ireland.


The beautiful and majestic scenery that surrounds the island offers breath-taking views and imaginative experiences for both young and old.

Immerse yourself in the history of the Islanders and walk among the settlement as they would have.


To stand on the shores of Inishmurray and hear the waves lapping, you can feel the history and ambience of the island seep into your bones and into your heart.

Sea Fishing Sligo offer unique and informative tours to one of Sligo’s most beautiful and historic gems- the Island of Inishmurray.

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