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Victor’s Crew


Victor’s crew had some high quality fish for the day! Couple of decent ling, few cod, wrasse, pouting, poor cod, and plenty of good sized pollack!

Atlantic Battle With Chess!


DSCF6476 DSCF6475 DSCF6473 DSCF6471 DSCF6470


Mackerel scarce otherwise good fishing!

Wolfgang out for a days tuna fishing!


DSCF6469 DSCF6468

Lots of dolphins, a few tuna, no hook ups and Wolfgang had a few pollack before heading home!

Dolphins with Sea Fishing Sligo



Come see the Dolphins with Sea Fishing Sligo!

All the way from Cavan!


DSCF6448 DSCF6449


3 hour trip with the lads, had some mixed fishing!

Chess Back For More Punishment!


DSCF6436 DSCF6438 DSCF6439 DSCF6440 DSCF6441 DSCF6442

Chess and crew had some steady fishing for the day!

Boris & Friends


DSCF6410 DSCF6411 DSCF6412 DSCF6413 DSCF6414 DSCF6415 DSCF6417 DSCF6418 DSCF6420 DSCF6421 DSCF6422 DSCF6423 DSCF6424 DSCF6425 DSCF6426 DSCF6427 DSCF6428


Trip to Inishmurray with Boris and some good fishing after we visited the island!

Andrew & Friends!


DSCF6409 DSCF6408 DSCF6407 DSCF6406 DSCF6405 DSCF6404 DSCF6402 DSCF6401 DSCF6400 DSCF6399

Big fish broke rods, big men broke nets and had a lot of laughs!

My Very Loyal Customers!


DSCF6392 DSCF6391 DSCF6390 DSCF6389

Some nice fish caught during the day, evening time got quiet!

Victor And Crew With Some Super Fish!


DSCF6388 DSCF6387 DSCF6386 DSCF6385 DSCF6384 DSCF6383 DSCF6382 DSCF6381 DSCF6380 DSCF6379 DSCF6377 DSCF6376 DSCF6375 DSCF6374 DSCF6372 DSCF6370 DSCF6369 DSCF6368

Hectic fishing to start the day, slowed for a while and finished off with some super fish!

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