Monthly Archives: October 2016

Victor and Crew


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Victor and crew caught a lot of different species including a good sized sunfish and some decent cod and pollack!

Chess’s Crew


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Chess and crew always catch decent fish, very good anglers!

Competition Day!


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Very competitive day with species hunt and heaviest fish! Damien taking both prizes at the last moment with seven species!

Victors Crew


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Victors crew had plenty of fish for the day with a couple of really good pollack!

Dolphins Galore


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The bay is full of Dolphins this past six weeks!

Trip to Inishmurray



Very nice day with Savannah Strine and Family, accompanied by Allen Kiesel who’s grandfather came from Inishmurray Island, all had an enjoyable day, weather was perfect for the trip.

Brendan Connolly and Crew


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Slow enough day but ended up with some good fish!

Visitors and family with Colm


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Some nice fish taken on an evening trip with a great bunch!