Bluefin Tuna fishing

Victor's crew had mixed fishing!

Nice variety of fish before the day was over!

Chess Braving The Weather

Good fishing for the day!

Seamus Downey, Tom Quin and Crew

Had some nice fish for the day!

Brendan Conolly and crew

  Some nice fish caught that weekend!

Dermot Sammon & Crew

Dermot Sammon and crew had a nice variety of fish but no Salmon!

Andrew from Monaghan

Some nice fish taken on the day!

C & D Foods out for a days fishing!

  The lads must have given all there dogs fish treats because they caught lots of nice fish!

Victor and Crew

Victor and crew caught a lot of different species including a good sized sunfish and some decent cod and pollack!

Chess's Crew

Chess and crew always catch decent fish, very good anglers!

Competition Day!

Very competitive day with species hunt and heaviest fish! Damien taking both prizes at the last moment with seven species!

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